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Volunteer Spotlight
Published: September 27th 2017 @ 10:55 AM by: Lauren Leverette


“Look for the helpers,” Fred Rogers’ mother once stated after hearing some devastating news. You will lose hope if you look at the problem, but if you keep an eye out for those in taking a stand, you will have hope. This was taken to heart by these six senior volunteers, all donating multiple hours throughout the week to help Midwest Food Bank run smoothly. “That’s us! We’re second-in-line to the first responders. We’ll do anything to help but clean the toilets,” they laughingly informed us.


Their Saturdays are spent preparing lunch for the 100 volunteers who help fill food boxes each week.  Additionally, they help guide, teach, and encourage the newest volunteers. Their laughs can be heard throughout the entire warehouse, helping create an atmosphere of love, a vital ingredient to every box of food packed.


Together, they pray for each other and serve others, making an impact right where they live. “These women are like mothers to me -- they have taught me how important it is to stay active in the community,” Linda says. They are especially glad to have come in time to help with Hurricane Harvey. “The last month of helping at MFG has been rewarding. The key for us is coming in the morning, helping wherever the need arises, so we still have time to play our card games together in the afternoon.”



Pictured (left to right)

Evie DeVries, Hannah Giardina, Polly Roth, Linda Siggins, Sue Miller, Tammy Paynter

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