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Feature Agency: Wings of Faith
Published: September 27th 2017 @ 8:55 AM by: Peter Goddard


Feature Agency: Wings of Faith


“Real people meeting real needs,”




Wings of Faith, one of Midwest Food Bank’s first agencies, is made up of volunteer missionary pilots ‘bringing the message of love and salvation to hurting people on Reservations in America's Southwest region.’ Avoiding the difficult dirt roads, W.O.F. serves the Native American population by flying donations showing them they are not forgotten. With a reliable Cessna 206, they are able to serve throughout Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona, helping the villages located in remote areas of the desert. Wings of Faith ministries include the Holbrook Maternity Center, which provides support and donations for new mothers and the Christmas Airlift supplies providing warm clothing and toys for children have been able to serve thousands just in this last year.


Additionally, migrant workers and the homeless have been blessed by hygiene items, clothes, and bibles provided by the Wings of Faith ministry. They are always accepting donations of clean clothes, non-perishable food items, toiletries, and Bibles in English, Spanish, or Navajo, which they store in a new insulated hangar. Wings of Faith members gather monthly for a Prayer Breakfast in California. Learn how you can get involved at

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