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First food given from MFB Arizona
Published: December 20th 2016 @ 1:15 PM by: Phil Hodel

   December 13 was an exciting day for Midwest Food Bank Arizona, as we were able to provide food for an agency. Fifty boxes of food were given to Native Health, an agency which provides health and wellness services to all people.

   Volunteers Peter and Blenda Lott were on hand to load the boxes into their pickup. The food will serve Health Start (for pregnant and mothers with children under two) and Home Visiting (Native American pregnant women with children under five). Native Health serves over 17,000 people per year. For more infomation about their services, visit

   December 21 was equally exciting when Native Health invited Peter and Blenda to their "Cookies with Santa" event. FIfty families in dire need were invited. Some didn't even have vehicles to drive to the party. Some were given bus passes to get home.

   Blenda was inside, where gingerbread houses, stockings, activities and photos with Santa enthralled the little ones. Gifts that were donated by other organizations were given to the children. Peter was outside, giving the boxes from MFB to the families.  

   Blenda and Peter are a vital part of the MFB Arizona ministry. The Lord led them to serve in a ministry to feed the hungry, and MFB is blessed to have them. They are totally committed to MFB and have already visited many agencies. 

Although we are weeks away from regular distribution at MFB Arizona, the Lord granted us with this small opportunity to help.







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